Friday, July 15, 2016

Bonanza of Broccoli

Here's my vegetable garden this year:
--3 green bean plants
--40 broccoli (the voles didn't eat the seedlings!)
--12 zucchini & summer squash
Yes, i also have tomatoes. onions, garlic, and basil, but you just never know what's actually going to sprout in the garden.

So i'm planting green beans again. Okay, i'm using 12-year-old yellow bush bean seeds. Maybe they won't germinate. But as insurance, i've also planted two other types of beans, and those seeds are last year's seeds, so i'm crosing my finger.

You just never know. Actually, this applies to most of life. I love knowing. I truly get a little thrill from knowing the right answer. Yet, knowing is an evanescent thing. I could never have predicted this summer's garden score. Only 3 bean plants. And a bonanza of broccoli. (Send me your broccoli recipes!)

Here's the big question: Can you be comfortable with NOT knowing?

I, for instance, do not know who i'm going to give all this broccoli to.

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