Saturday, July 16, 2016

More? Or Enough?

After pulling a lot of scraggly, straggling Johnny-jump-ups out of the gardens, i have some bare patches. Hmmm. What to do?

In one flower bed, i wanted a burst of annual color. I went to a couple of garden stores before i realized, i already have annual color--growing in other flower beds. All i need to do is transplant them (in 85 degree heat!) and water heavily. I added some sweet-smelling nicotiana under a bedroom window. I added Chinese forget-me-not in both blue and pink to the biggest, baldest spot. There. That should provide enough color for the next two months.

Why do i think "more" is the answer to my question? Truthfully, i don't need "more" in any aspect of my life. I have "enough"--enough gardens, enough plants, enough food, enough stuff in my house, enough house.

Can i be satisfied with the simples of "enough"?

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