Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Beech Hedge

In Scotland, some years ago, i saw beech trees used as a hedge. In Dublin, i see a beech hedge surrounding the Garden of Remembrance--a peaceful oasis on a busy street.

Since beech saplings are plentiful in the woods around my house, i've tried to develop a short beech hedge as a background. Beech leaves don't fall off until spring, so the tan leaves really do look like a hedge all winter long. My neighbor is twisting the branches of beech saplings together, aiming for a hedge that keeps out the deer.

A hedge can act as a container for the garden. Or a hedge can form a backdrop against which other plantings can show off.

Mindfulness is the container for our inner and outer garden. When we "hedge" our minds in with mindfulness, the mind becomes calm and peaceful. When the mind calms, we can see the facts of life--change, stress, and emptiness--so much more clearly.

Considering protecting your mind from the busy-ness of everyday life by remembering mindfulness.

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