Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Intending Kindness

Ardisia crenata
The hotel where we are staying in London is just switching out its Christmas plants for new year's plants.

The shiny green foliage of Ardisia crenata has tomato-red berries. Very seasonal for Christmas. And very invasive in the southeastern United States.

We think we can cheat just a little, lie just a little, or even hate just a little, and get away with it. In these small ways, we give ourselves permission to be unkind. These unkindnesses invade our heart-mind, and then we feel ill at ease. These unkindnesses can look rather attractive to begin with, but they are never worth it.

In the new year, switch out any unkindness--and i mean any unkindness--for the good intentions of your heart.

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