Monday, January 2, 2017

Cool, Calm Cyclamen

Cyclamen are blooming outdoors in Dublin and London where the temperature is in 40s most winter days. Cyclamen like it cool.

Mindfulness cools our over-worked minds; mindfulness cools our over-wrought emotions.

We've heard, and perhaps we know from experience, that cool heads prevail over hotheads.

A cool mind has the capability of thinking things through. A cool, calm mind is good in emergency situations. A hothead sees one possibility; a hothead charges ahead.

Let's take the cyclamen as our reminder to stay cool and keep our minds cool in these troubling times.

1 comment:

  1. Hamlet thought that the temperance of a cool(ing) mind paralyzed the will to act courageously. "Thus conscience (mindfulness) doth make cowards of us all." Thinking things through has reduced the level of violence that would be the result of impulsive re/action. "Cowardice" can be wisdom.