Thursday, April 6, 2017

Marfa Lights

Last night i went to bed early, so i could get up in the middle of the night and go look for the Marfa Lights. Marfa is a town in west Texas that has ghost lights. Looking out across the scrub desert, with no houses or towns within sight, unexplained lights can appear.

The phenomenon has a few explanations, but nothing has been proven. The lights can vary from a few lights in the distance (which i saw) to dancing colorful lights that spin and twirl.

Standing on the viewing platform at midnight, another woman walked onto the dimly lit deck and told me about her experiences with the Marfa Lights. She said her daughter thinks it's all a bunch of bunk, and she's not buying this ghostly phenomena story.

This is an example of skeptical doubt. This form of doubt dismisses possibilities without taking the time and energy to really investigate them. Some people don't even get started on a spiritual path because of skeptical doubt.

What we need is a scientist's mind: just enough doubt to investigate to see if something is true. Investigating for yourself the broad extent of stress and suffering in your life. Investigate to notice that your very life is as evanescent as the Marfa Lights.

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