Friday, January 11, 2019


The garden catalogs are tumbling into the mailbox. I leafed through a spring bulb catalog, and was
immediately caught by delicious possibilities. I lingered over Amaryllis belladonna (Naked
Ladies)a bulb whose spring leaves die back and then blooms unexpectedly in August. I already have
Amaryllis belladonna, and have even divided them to scatter them around other flowerbeds. I don't
need to buy any more. Exactly what am I yearning for?

For those of us with chipmunks who eat oriental and Asiatic lily bulbs, Naked Ladies are a good
substitute. My friend Anne, in Maryland, says Naked Ladies are a weed for her, springing up helter
skelter in her lawn.

Perhaps what I am yearning for is that A. belladonna would perform as beautifully as its photos. They
are short bloomers, and in August, they have often gone by before I've even noticed them. Am I
thinking that if I only had more, then I would have more blooms, more pleasure, that I would notice
them more?

Life is brief. Everything we cherish perishes. Sometimes, much too soon.

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