Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lesser and Greater Happiness

This week began with 3 days of rain. Evening temperatures have dropped from summer warm to polar fleece cool. These conditions mean: Let the transplanting season begin (again)!

Now we have a couple of months (or more, if you're really hardy) to divide plants and move them around. Thin out the overgrown colonies and give the extras away or compost them.

The decision to divide clumps can be difficult. That mass of flowers looked so great when it was blooming in July. Now it's a mass a green leaves. In fact, it's mostly green background for 5 of the garden's 6 months. Other flowering plants need some space.

Sometimes we have to give up a lesser happiness in order to experience a greater happiness. In the garden, this can mean dividing a big clump of flowers. Yes, it brought us happiness for 2 or 3 weeks. But we might be happier if other flowers were blooming around it during the other 5 months of the gardening season.

In meditation, we give up the lesser happiness of "getting things done," Facebooking, or music in order to cultivate a secluded internal garden of calm. This calm can carry over into our lives for minutes or hours as we build a new habit of greeting our day with joy.

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