Sunday, August 28, 2011

Listen to the Sound of the Falling Rain

Listen to the rain.
Close your eyes and soak into the sound of rain raining.

Notice the "flow" of sound that comes and goes so fast, it's nearly impossible to separate out individual sounds.
First: zoom out to the panoramic "view"/sounds of rain.
Then, try zooming in to the raindrop level.
Every time you lose focus, zoom out to the panoramic view/sound again.

Contemplate the life cycle of a raindrop, beginning with what you can see/hear/feel.
A raindrop comes into view.
It plops onto a window or the ground and loses its raindrop-ness.
That raindrop just died into a puddle, into a trickle, into a stream.

Notice gone-ness. Gone. Gone. Gone.

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