Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Win-Win-Win Situation

Gladiolas are blooming, and i have enough to offer bouquets to friends. Yesterday, i spent the day with Dharma friends on a mini-retreat of study and practice at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. I took 2 bunches of gladiolas to front office people who are in the background making sure we have what we need.

Generosity is the first supreme quality that we practice on this path. Even if we don't get around to meditating some days, we can still practice generosity.

Last evening at a community theater, i bought 10 raffle tickets to support the fledgling group. I quickly tired of writing my own name on the tickets, so, for fun, i wrote the names of other friends in the audience.

"And the winner is.... Gloria!" Who was sitting right next to me and totally surprised to win a $20 gift certificate to a bookstore.

She was happy. I was happy. And the theater was happy. We were all winners. A win-win-win situation.

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