Friday, January 27, 2012

NOT Fertilizing Your Houseplants

If you follow the directions on your houseplant fertilizer, you will over-fertilize your poor plants. More is not better. After all, the fertilizer company is in the business of selling fertilizer; they're not in the business of saving your plants.

Fertilizer should be applied during periods of active growth, and if you look outdoors, you can see this means not-during-the-winter. Plants in low light situations (e.g., 6 weeks before and after winter solstice) do not benefit from fertilizer. My rule of thumb is to stop fertilizing in November, December, and January. I stop when the spirits go into the earth (All Souls Day = November 1, and i start when the earth spirits peek up again on Groundhog Day.)

Our plants need a rest from grow-grow-grow,
and we need a rest from go-go-go.

Stop fertilizing your life with more, more, more. More is not necessarily better. Take a rest along with your plant. Sign yourself up for a meditation retreat today.

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