Monday, October 8, 2012

Good Advice

My mother told me never to wear red and purple together, but a purple morning glory twining around red salvia is absolutely eye-popping. I quite like it, and i keep looking out the window at it because it's so satisfying.

My mother gave me a lot of good advice--like "Smile with your eyes"--but some of her advice was either wrong or woefully insufficient.

Once we are launched into adulthood, who do we turn to for good advice? Where do we find our sources of wisdom?

Friends. The media. Magazines. The internet. Peers. I find most of the usual sources at least somewhat unsatisfactory.

The Buddha said that our Noble Friends and the Noble Conversations we have with them are ALL of the spiritual life. Who are our Noble Friends? With whom can we have Noble Conversations?

Sorry, Mom. I really like red with purple.

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  1. Dear Cheryl,
    Thanks for your blog practice. Sometimes I have time to look at my linkedin messages and can tune into your bright spot in the world of "business connections."
    Carolyn from Peacock course at BCBS