Monday, October 1, 2012

Unannounced Visitors

Red Russian kale has reseeded itself in a flowerbed near the vegetable garden. What a surprise to see this vegetable volunteering to grow where it wasn't planted. I quite like these "perennial" vegetables (and herbs like cilantro) that just show up unannounced, like a surprise visit from a good friend walking in the front door. "Yoo-hoo. Anybody home?"

Yes, the garden looks rather higgledy-piggledy--kale (and mustard and arugula and tomatillos and cilantro) in a flowerbed. My goodness!

The goodness that our meditation inspires begins to show up in all the corners of our lives.
Calmness in the face of multi-tasking.
Patience when you're stuck in traffic.
Not catching the hot potato of irritation or blame that your nearest and dearest throws at you.

These beneficial qualities show up unannounced.
And our practice flowers.

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