Sunday, March 9, 2014

In the Pink

"In the Pink" is the theme of the Smith College Bulb Show, with the centerpiece of the show being entirely pink.

The word "pink" comes from Dianthus, commonly called pinks. And they were called "pinks" due to their pinked edges (think: pinking shears).

Dianthus a.k.a Pinks
We no longer use the word "pinked," but the noun "pink" is part of our daily vocabulary.

Shakespeare first used "pink" in the sense of "the best of," as "the pink of health" or "tickled pink."

The best qualities are the Divine Abodes, also called the Heavenly Houses or the Sublime States:
  1. Loving-Kindness
  2. Compassion
  3. Appreciative Joy or Gladness
  4. Equanimity
I've never thought of these Sublime States as pink before, but why not? They put us in the pink of mental health and happiness.

I was tickled pink to be at the Bulb Show with some of my best girlfriends.

Tickled pink--another word for joy.

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