Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Standing Meditation at the Post Office

I went to the post office this morning and bought stamps. Flower stamps of course. I always buy flower stamps. And i got some of the new postcard stamps of blue hummingbirds.

I still use stamps, lots of stamps actually. I'm always amazed at the person in front of me in line who buys 1 stamp. Wow. I have no idea what their life is like. Mine involves paying bills. Even though many bills are now paid by automatic withdrawal from my checking account, i still need several stamps a week for bills. A couple of postcard stamps each week to send postcards to our grandchildren whom we don't see very often. And (hint, hint) stamps to send poppy seeds to faithful readers like you. (This is an enticement to read Friday's post.)

Standing in line at the post office is a great opportunity to practice standing meditation. Simply being mindful of standing. Or mindful of eavesdropping. Or mindful of the opinions and judgments running through my mind. One stamp! How do they do that?

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