Monday, April 21, 2014

Daphne Blooms

Daphne is blooming its tiny sweet blossoms--the earliest blooming shrub. The long, long spring of the Pacific Northwest commences when daphne begins blooming at the end of January.

We all bloom at different times--with beauty or with relationships. And our meditation practice also blooms differently for each person. I still have not had some of the most elementary insights.

Impermanence is one of the very first insights--noticing constant change. Although i know impermanence intellectually, i don't know it in a bone-shaking sort of way. OMG, there's nothing to hang on to.

Daphne will teach me in her own gentle way. She blooms, and soon, very soon, those lovely white blossoms begin to spot and turn brown. Sort of like my own aging skin. Then the flowers fall to earth.

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