Thursday, April 17, 2014


Suddenly, spring has arrived. It's time to shed the winter clothes. Beech trees will soon shed their last hanger-on leaves.

This past weekend, i overheard some 40-somethings talk about moving houses, shedding stuff they don't use anymore, and especially the toys their children have outgrown. Young teenagers are shedding childhood.

We've outgrown the winter. We've outgrown some old friends. Hopefully, we haven't outgrown our spring clothes :)

It's time to shed things we don't use any more. Look around. Pick up one thing you haven't used, looked at, or touched in a year. Put it in your garage sale pile. Or put it in a bag to take to the thrift store.

My tulips are shedding their petals.

Start shedding now.

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