Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happifying Tulips

I started tulips in pots before Thanksgiving and put them in the garage for their winter vacation--not exactly dark, but dim and in the 30s. I brought them indoors in mid-February, and it took longer than i expected for them to bloom.

When i came home from 3 weeks of retreat, my sweetie had set 10 pots of tulips on the front step. Outdoors, they will last for two or three weeks in the refrigerator weather of spring, while indoors, in the warmth, they would come and go in less than a week.

I love the tulip blast on the front step. Not much is blooming in the gardens just yet, so all those tulips are not only colorful but happifying as well.

What leads to your happiness? Flowers? Birds? Nature? A walk in the woods? Happiness opens the heart and relaxes the mind. We need 5 times as much happiness to balance the negativity that is all around us, beginning in our minds with little bothers and nuisances, frustrations and impatience.

Include some happiness in your day today.

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