Sunday, April 20, 2014

Diamond Frost Euphorbia

I took cuttings of Diamond Frost euphorbia, a tender edging plant that sells for $4.95 at our local nursery. Surprisingly, the cuttings rooted quickly and fully, so i now have 20 pots of Diamond Frost in my solarium, just waiting for the end of the frosty season. Usually i plant them in my white garden, but now i have enough to edge my Flower-Vegetable Medley Garden as well.

How can beautiful qualities take root in our own lives?

What qualities do you aspire to? Generosity. Calm. Patience. Integrity. Kindness. Compassion.

Who do you know who embodies this quality?

Spend more time with this person. If they are a well-known person, read their writings. Visualize yourself acting from this quality. And for the time being, fake it till you make it.

These beautiful qualities of the heart-mind lead us to euphoria.

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