Monday, July 28, 2014

A Zucchini a Day

I'm harvesting 3 or 5 zucchinis every day, while they're still smallish. Obviously, I can't eat that much zucchini, so, on Sunday, the urban grandchildren picked 3 zucchinis each, and took them back to the city. Along with 3 big Walla Walla onions.

One of my neighbors, Whit & Tonia, have a lot going on this weekend--a married daughter home to give birth to her second child (this morning) and her father, my morning meditation neighbor, Whit, in the hospital for a still undetermined heart condition. He's having a defibrillator installed this afternoon. I took a zucchini casserole down for the 6 adults (Tonia, her 3 children and 2 spouses who were focusing on the 3 (now 4) grandchildren).

We practice generosity without even thinking about it.

We freely offer the fruits of our labors of love, the vegetables from our garden to our friends and neighbors. And our heart goes out to them.

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