Friday, July 11, 2014

White Coral Bells. And Pnk Coral Bells. And Coral Coral Bells.

On my way home from a meditation retreat yesterday, i stopped at one of my favorite roadside stands. They had just received a shipment of  Heuchera (coral bells)--13 varieties--which they were selling at $2 apiece. I loaded up a flat with 19 big plants in little pots--green leaves with white veins, purple leaves with silver veins, chartreuse leaves, scalloped leaves, pointy leaves. I feasted on Heuchera.

We think that having more will make us happy. Buying releases that particular desire; then another desire arises, and we are in its clutches.

What are some things you would like more of?

I have an entire flat of Heuchera. Today it's time to decide just where to plant them. Here? Or there? Those decisions are stressful. And, besides, i have other gardening chores (a.k.a. more stress).

"More" feels good for about a minute. Before "more," stress disguises itself as desire. After "more," stress disguises itself as "too much to do." No matter which way you turn, stress is hiding under some leaves in the garden.

Let's take a simple walk in the garden now. Mindfully.

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