Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our Native Path

I grew up eating canned spinach, which we each seasoned with a dash of cider vinegar from the cruet on the table.

Since discovering Baked Kale Salad at a vegan restaurant a couple of weeks ago, i've been baking kale halfway to kale chips, then slicing it into thin strips. Since the baked kale is already olive-oiled and salted, today i added a dash of balsamic vinegar. I was immediately transported to heaven. The taste is so reminiscent of my soul food. (And i'm sure fresh kale is better than canned spinach!)

Perhaps we grew up in a particular spiritual tradition that just doesn't fit us anymore. If we are lucky, we discover
Wonder what path will beckon this 10-year-old?
our native spiritual path--the one we've been on all along, perhaps without having the name for it. The more retreats i go on, the more i recognize that i was doing Buddhist practices when i was five, eight, and ten years old, even though i grew up in the heartland of America.

There's something very familiar about this path. And i have to say: It tastes delicious.

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