Monday, May 11, 2015

Dandelions & Veronica

My May-green lawn is full of yellow dandelions and tiny blue-blooming veronica. It's beautiful. But i look at it and see weeds. The creeping veronica has crept all over the shady sections of my lawn, which might be okay, but it creeps right into my flowerbeds. Arghhh! It is so small, i have to be very picky to weed it out.

This is how it goes with beautiful stuff. It's so pretty--colorful or shiny. (Oh, i am a sucker for shiny things.) And then, dissatisfaction sets in. So pretty, but it's weeds in the lawn. So pretty, but it's too much clutter. So pretty, but it's more complicated than i thought. So pretty, but now i have to fix it.

Dissatisfaction is our clue that stress has arrived in our minds. Beauty is only skin deep. Beauty turns out to be stress in disguise.

We can aim for a beautiful mind, which is beautiful through and through. Beauty without stress.

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