Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Stress of Too Much

Back in February and March, i rooted cuttings of many of my houseplants. Eventually i had 25 flats in my solarium.

Early in May i began to plant them out, edging various flowerbeds. I decreased the number of flats from 25 to 7, and then i got stuck. I didn't know where to plant these last ones. What do you do with 35 baby geraniums?

This morning i gritted my teeth and just did it--10 dusty millers, a dozen purple wandering jew, all those little geraniums.

This is the stress of too much. Too many cuttings. This past weekend, I gave a flat of variegated ivy cuttings to the library plant sale.

I have too many clothes, actually. Too many clothes is also stressful. It's time to give some more clothes to the hospice thrift store.

The solarium is practically empty. Almost empty of stress.

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