Monday, October 5, 2015

Good Applesauce

Everyone agrees. It's a great apple year.  I have yellow apples on a "wild" tree that hasn't produced apples in 35 years. They're not pretty. (I'm not an orchardist.) But they do make good applesauce.

When i cleared the land where my house now stands, there were a handful of apple trees in the woods. I left two of them and managed to kill the others by pruning too severely. Their location is not ideal; they are in a partly shady spot. Bill pruned them into lollipops for many years before i asked a veteran pruner to attend to them. This year--apples!

Sometimes, i feel like my meditation practice doesn't produce much. I still am not adept at concentration practices. Then something happens. This year--a cancer diagnosis--and i see that my meditation practice has produced bushels of fruit.

I'm making applesauce this year, even from that other apple tree with the small apples that make pasty, blah applesauce. I'll use the blah applesauce for cooking. I'll use that blah diagnosis to support a delicious mind.

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