Sunday, January 10, 2016


Epimedium in January
Epimedium's burnished burgundy leaves line my driveway. Also called barrenwort, this plant thrives in the dry shady woods around my house.

Epimedium's little flowers come early, in April, along with the daffodils, but the flowers can be camouflaged by last year's spent foliage, so you have be the quick observer. Otherwise, the lovely little flowers are gone.

I like a colony of epimedium, which forms a lovely wave of green during the next 4 months of the gardening season. In other words, epimedium has staying power.

We've heard that beauty is skin-deep, and, perhaps we know from experience, beauty is brief.

Let's cultivate the beautiful mind and the beautiful heart.

Epimedium in April

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