Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter Rainbow

I love shrubs that look interesting in different seasons. Right now i am really enjoying looking at Leucothoe fontanesia Rainbow, sometimes known as drooping fetterbush or dog hobble.

The variegated green-and-cream leaves are still hanging on bright pink branches, which are eye-catching with snow in the background. In the spring, this shrub for shade has drooping creamy flowers.

There are 10 fetters that bind us to our stress and suffering. The first 3 are
  • belief in a self
  • skeptical doubt
  • belief in rites & rituals
As always, we begin with mindfulness. Mindfulness of what having a self feels like, noticing how building our ego leads to stress. Noticing that a self is as ephemeral as a rainbow--visible, yet without physical reality. Really looking into the construction of the self leads to insight. Eventually, insight leads to letting go.

Let go. Let be.

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