Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hyacinths in a Pot

I planted some hyacinths in pots, kept them in the garage for 3 months, and now they are blooming. (Not in the garage!)

What a blast to see 7 hyacinths crowded into a pot and smelling heavenly. This is one way i can really see them--up close on the kitchen table.

My sweetie complains that i planted too many tulips in pots, but he is not complaining about too many potted hyacinths. (Six pots still to bloom.)

In truth, he's happy to have tulips on the deck, tulips on the front step, and tulips to give away. Being Scotch, he's a bit more thrifty or frugal or sometimes stingy than i am.

The hyacinths bring me joy, and giving them away gives me even more joy.

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