Monday, March 7, 2016

Rooting Wholesome Qualities

When i gave all my houseplants a haircut last month, i rooted the cuttings in water. Why? Because i'm an inveterate plant starter. Well, if you're reading this, you probably are too. But now i've found a way to use all those cuttings--as bedding plants.

Several years ago, while we were on vacation in Tobago, i saw a 20-foot square patch of zebrina (wandering jew). Beautiful!
Zebrina (Tradescantia)

So i take cuttings from all my wandering jews--the purple, the striped purple.

Eventually, i had 30 jars of cuttings. Free plants!

Let's root the wholesome qualities in our life. What's on your short list of wholesome qualities?

While you're at it, make another list of unwholesome qualities. These aren't bad. More likely, they're bad for you--like drinking too much, smoking, or eating junk food. They aren't evil, in and of themselves, but their effects are... Well, those aren't the effects we wanted, after all.

I'm rooting for patience and generosity.
Purple wandering jew (Tradescantia)

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