Sunday, September 11, 2016

Green Beans Galore

The green beans i planted in May yielded about three plants. What did i expect from 10-year-old seeds? So i re-planted green beans two months ago, in the middle of July. I now have a bumper crop of green beans.

Just in time. My sweetie who loves broccoli is so tired of eating broccoli from my 40 broccoli plants that green beans are a welcome sight.

These late beans are a good example of the fall garden. We can have a spring garden, a summer garden, and a fall garden. Usually, i don't get around to planting fall crops, but this year i was inspired by my neighbor. If she can do it, i can do it. And the green beans did it!

It's never too late to plant ourselves in meditation. We might have a spring garden of college and beginning our career, and then a summer garden of marriage and family. I missed that season myself and went straight to the fall garden of following my spiritual path. Let me tell you, the yield of that spiritual garden is bountiful. Just like these late green beans.

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