Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Plant Triage

Lantana smells like guava.
It's time to pot up the tender plants i have growing in my gardens that i'd like to bring inside for the winter--a flowering maple, lemon grass. lantana. Next week, begonias and geraniums.

I could call it triage. Which plants shall i save? And which shall i let perish?

It's important to triage my daily activities. Otherwise, i would be even busier than i am. Yesterday, i had to leave 3 meetings early in order to get to the next one. That is called "too busy."

I sort my activities into the most important: meditation, Dharma, Bill, writing. Then come the gardens. Whoops, exercise has to fit in here somewhere.

Triage means letting some less important things go. Often, things that seem urgent--like the phone ringing--are not really that important. Rather than answer the phone, often i prefer to listen to (or better yet, read) my voicemail.

Bringing tender plants indoors so i can tend them all winter long.

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