Thursday, September 1, 2016

Zucchini Plants Have Died

The zucchini plants are dead, a whole row of them. Even though, i might say, "Finally!" i also feel sad. Zucchini season is over. Summer is ending. September has arrived.

The plants had been aging quickly, perhaps due to the drought, these past couple of weeks. And now kaput.

So, let me have a memorial service for zucchini. We harvested a handful every day for about 6 weeks. And gave them away like crazy. Bill took a basketful to his Sunday church and another basketful to his Wednesday evening church. I took a basket of zucchini wherever i went and handed them out. Did you know there are actually people who do not grow zucchini? Hard to believe, but thank goodness. These were the people who were happy to receive a zucchini or two. Oh, zucchini. You made so many people so happy.

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