Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Celtic Knot

At Dublin Castle, we visited the Dubh Linn gardens, which double as a helicopter landing pad. The Celtic knot is unmistakable from the sky for landing visiting dignitaries.

While Celtic knots are beautiful, they are also knotty. This knot is best seen from a high point, an overview. When you're walking at ground level, you don't realize the tangle you're in.

We often don't realize how the enticements of life entangle us. Desire can feel delicious. Anger can feel so wonderfully self-righteous. Delusion is beautifully dreamy. We meander through life, entangling ourselves, and then wondering just how we got ourselves tied up in knots over some person or situation.

Wisdom is the high point from which we can see the overview. Oh.....

The name of the game is disentangling. Even though the knot is fun and beautiful, freedom lies outside the tangle.

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