Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Compost in Flower Pots

I'm just now getting around to filling up the flower pots on the front step. My innovation this year is to fill the flower pot 3/4 full with sifted compost, then add 3-4" of potting soil. That way, i'm not spending a lot of money on potting soil.

I sift my compost through a flat with smallish holes. The result looks beautiful and feels so smooth. I'm hoping the compost will provide nourishment for the petunias and other plants i put in the pots, while the potting soil will hold the moisture.

If we could fill ourselves up with even 3/4 of mindfulness, just think how much smoother our lives would run. For instance, fewer forgotten things--because we were paying attention.

Let's grow mindfulness in our everyday lives.

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