Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The bloodroot are blooming. This ephemeral wildflower grows in little colonies--but not where i originally planted it.

Right now, it's blossoming in the middle of a triangular flowerbed--right where i've planted all the tall stuff. But the tall perennials haven't peeked their heads out of the winter bed yet, so the bloodroot may as well flower there in center stage.

One is also blooming in between two stones in the walk near the front door.

Never mind that i can't control it. I simply put it in a place where i thought it would look good, and now it grows of its own accord.

We also plant wholesome thoughts and actions in our everyday lives. And then one day, we notice, "Oh, i used to be mad at this person. And now i'm not." Or, "Oh, this situation used to make me anxious. And right now it doesn't."

That's the benefit of sowing skillful seeds. You never know where they will show up.

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