Friday, April 30, 2010

Let's Plant!

Perennial Swappers had its first meeting of the season last evening. The gardening season has begun! Let's plant!

Last evening we didn't swap perennials, as we do at every bi-weekly meeting from now through September. Instead we watched Bruce Bellville of Meetinghouse Gardens, a wholesaler, divide plants. Every year he teaches us how to divide big clumps while he tells us garden lore. Then he sells the divisions for $1 or $2 or $3. Big clumps of hellebores--8 varieties--for $3 each.

This meeting is a good place to watch desire arising. "Ooh. I want that." In the name of fairness, everyone who gets in line for the ruffled iris or the variegated sedum can buy only one. If there are leftovers, we can get in line again and buy one more, and so on until no more divisions remain.

Watching people's kindness to each other is inspiring. "Here you get in line ahead of me. I already have one of these."

Anytime we show our concern for others, anytime we give "me-first" a rest, we are watering the seeds of kindness.

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