Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Out of Sight in Plain View

My theory of compost bins is to hide them in plain view. That way your compost pile is easily accessible, and you will actually use it.

My driveway is bordered by trees. The house is straight ahead, and that's where the eye travels to. A parking area is off to the left, and that's where my 3 compost bins are hiding behind a forsythia bush. I am fortunate to have a truck that is usually parked in front of the bins.

So visitors see the house and garden and an arbor beckoning them. The corner of their eye may register a green bush and a silver pick-up, but not the compost bins that are 10 feet from where they park their car.

I have 3 bins--one i add to, one is resting, one i subtract from. I tie 4 pallets together, standing upright, to form a square. Voila! A bin that can be assembled in 10 minutes and disassembled in 5.

Every day when i walk out to my car, my sweetie reminds me to take the compost.

Maybe that compost pile is too handy?

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