Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Honey Loves Bees

My honey has fallen in love with bees this spring. He walks out the front door toward his car, and comes to a halt beside the rhododendron where a dozen bumblebees are rolling around in the pinky-purple blossoms.

In the past, he has run away from bees as fast as possible, waving his arms about his head. He has dared me to mow near the nests of ground bees--and i have done so unscathed. I walk near bees calmly. I walk in beauty. And so far they haven't bothered me.

My heart is warmed by seeing my honey's goodwill toward bees. Maybe it's the bee pollen he's been eating on his cereal every morning for the past month in an effort to ward off spring allergies. This year, he enjoys seeing the bees pollening. This year he is literally one with the bees and their pollen.

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