Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Community Garden Comparison

Last week someone mowed around the edge of the community garden, and revealed that my plot was the only one with tall grass, dock, and mustard growing up through the fence. The comparing mind couldn't help but notice that my lone plot was not conforming to the nicely groomed look of the other 11 plots.

So yesterday i finally took my garden fork there. As i uprooted each clump, i'd sneak a look at the neighbors' plots where tiny lettuces grew in a row. Thanks to a heavy dose of manure last year, my own plot was teeming with clover, grass, and lambs' quarters.

The mind loves to compare. In fact, that's really all it does. Tranquility, calm, and peace do not grow well in the weedy mind that is busy comparing itself to its neighbors.

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