Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation begins early for my houseplants, like schools in rural counties that let out early so kids can work on the farm. I grew up next to a cornfield and a soybean field. My school year ended in mid-May. A generation earlier, my Depression-era farmboy father graduated from high school on April 30, 1936.

My houseplants have been cooped up indoors since last September and are looking a bit pale and piqued despite frequent trips to the water fountain and their cafeteria lunches of fish emulsion.

Outdoors, houseplants love being exposed to the elements--rain and wind strengthen their leaves and their roots that wiggle their toes ever more deeply into the earthy soil of their containers. Although they are sheltered from direct sun, they catch the bouncing rays.

Earth, air, water, warmth. We ourselves are made of the same stuff as the geraniums and the jade plant.

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  1. Oh dear, my houseplants just barely became my houseplants except for a huge dieffenbachia and 2 orchids which have been in my temporary (all of 15 months) trailer. New house still somewhat unfinished but has loads of light, white walls and a gazillion new plants. They will have to wait for a while to go on summer vacation.
    I'm now turning my (limited) energy to figuring out a new small kitchen garden which is situated where the dumpster sat for seemingly forever.