Monday, May 10, 2010

Mulch Hay

I picked up a truckload of mulch hay yesterday to use on the vegetable garden. It took nerve, but i converted to the Ruth Stout method about 10 years ago after watching the video "Ruth Stout's Garden." 92-year-old Ruth hobbles along on her cane, but she still gardens. She can't bend over to pull a weed, so she plops a big handful of straw or hay on every weed she sees. She smothers the weed and improves the soil at the same time.

We can do the same thing with weedy thoughts. We can "kill them with kindness." By practicing loving-kindness or patience, we lay to rest a moment of weedy irritation.

8 bales of rotting hay will smother a lot of weeds in the vegetable garden.

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