Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Transplanting Stress

A friend who works on an organic farm brought home 2 trays of lettuce seedling 6-packs to give away. The so-called seedlings are not only ready to be transplanted, they are ready to be eaten.

This makes gardening so easy: transplant the lettuce into your garden and begin harvesting immediately. Wouldn't we like to transplant stress reduction or a spiritual practice into our already too-busy lives? Wouldn't we like to harvest the fruits (or vegetables!) of a spiritual practice right NOW?

"If i just add one more thing to-do, i'll have less stress," we may think. Question this belief.

Transplanting a spiritual practice means renouncing first of all. We simply can't take care of a burgeoning garden of things-we-want-to-do without collapsing under the the weight. We can either maintain a way-too-big garden of busyness. Or we can tend just as much as our tender hearts can open to.

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