Monday, April 23, 2012

Blooming Temperature

In this strange, prolonged spring of hot and cool weather, tulips are blooming at the same time as daffodils. Refrigerator weather "saves" the early blooms, and warm weather entices the mid-season bloomers.

Finding the right temperature for our meditation can be a matter of fine-tuning. While on my month-long retreat, the woman next to me wore 3 blankets, a hat, a neck scarf, mittens, toasty slippers and a blanket over her feet.

I took off my socks and sat barefoot with a cotton shawl draped loosely on my shoulders so that my arms and hands were free. I was aiming toward a temperature just above goose bumps because warmth wilts my meditation. Socks = sleepiness.

Each person's and each flower's thermostat is different.
At what temperature does your meditation bloom?

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