Friday, April 20, 2012

Desire Drives Us--Straight to the Garden Center

In this dry, dry weather, i'm working hard to NOT buy flowers or shrubs. Transplanting anything right now will require the constant maintenance of daily watering.

Renouncing the sense desire of buying beautiful plants is not easy. For the moment, i'm distracting myself by transplanting some of my houseplants into the flowerbeds.

I begin with the annuals: Begonias thrive in dry soil, so i plant several of them under an overhang where the soil is sandy and protected from rain. Geraniums remain in their pots, but are showing their stuff beside the front door.

Diamond Frost euphorbia, a perpetual bloomer of scattered white petals, has returned to its summer home in the white garden.

Our desire for sense pleasures--sights, sounds, tastes, and touches--drives us, drives our feelings, drives our minds. Sometimes that desire drives us straight to the garden center.

Notice the stress hiding behind or inside of desire. Feel desire pounding in your heart and rationalizing in your mind. Feel the stress in your body.

Go ahead and buy if you must in order to really teach yourself this lesson

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