Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Before i dare open up a seed catalog, i first take inventory of what i already have.
√ pole beans
√ zucchini
Then i know i can skip over those listings.

Now comes the hard question: Am i going to start seedlings this year? I will be home in March (which i often am not), so seed-starting is a possibility.

Desire wants every new, beautiful, shiny thing. Feel desire arising as you turn the pages of the seed and flower catalogs. The wanting is a strong magnetic pull, and it sticks like Velcro.

Desire is delicious and yet uncomfortable because we are happy to be rid of it. Usually we call that getting-rid-of "satisfying our desire." But the happiness does not come from having and holding the object of our desire. Rather happiness co-arises with the end of the desire. Really.

Take a closer look.
Let desire be. It will end of its own accord.
And we feel so happy when it's gone.

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