Friday, January 11, 2013

Petunia Beauty

My neighbors, Lynn and Cliff, have a small greenhouse attached to their house. The summer impatiens and zinnias froze to death in November, but the hanging petunia is still blooming. Wow!  How warm-cold is it in there anyway?

Here in my neighborhood, 3 mothers died last month. Cliff's mother was 87, Orly's mother was 83, and Carl's mother was 99. I do wonder if really old people become lonely for their cohorts in their 90s, or even their 100s. One friend's father died at 105 recently.

How does it feel to look around and see that all, or almost all, your friends are dead?

The impatiens and zinnias are tender. They died when the first frost fell on them. And the petunia blooms on. Sharing its beauty with all who simply look at it.

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