Thursday, January 10, 2013


The wind blew all night long, making us restless sleepers. We assumed it was a cold front blowing in, and yet, this morning is (relatively) warm--34 degrees, which even feels warm.

Here in the North Country (of the east), we are not accustomed to the chinooks of northern Montana and southern Alberta--the warm, dry air that blows down the eastern slopes of the Rockies and melts a foot of snow by noon. Chinooks give  a mini-vacation from the Arctic deep-freeze, and then, winter returns, full blast.

The breath of winter is warm now. We could call it the January thaw, although, surprisingly, the skiing is still good (i.e., not icy).

Feel the warm air exhaling from your body right now.
Cool air in.
Warm air out.

Take a mini-vacation from stress.
The wind of your body, always changing, sometimes restless, sometimes calm.

And how is the wind that enlivens your body different from the wind that surrounds you?
That wind may be restless, or it may be calm.

The wind is blowing.
That is all.

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