Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pruning Apple Trees

The apple tree pruner came yesterday and cut back the flowering crabapples. Interesting how a tree flowers and fruits more when it has less (branches).

How about us and our spiritual inclinations? We too can flower and fruit by trimming away excess in our life. Renunciation is the 3rd paramount quality (of 10) that the Buddha recommends.

Oh! It's hard. Renunciation is counter-intuitive. We want more. More food, more money, more stuff, more attention, more i-Toys, more friends on Facebook. More, more, more to wall our hearts off from the slings and arrows of the world.

Be honest with yourself. What's one thing you want more of?

And now ask yourself: How can i simplify my life? How can i allow more space for my true heart to simply open to life?


  1. Apple tree pruning can be a little more difficult due to the branches and their odd exterior during winter.

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