Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Now


Happy New Moment!

We choose one moment and celebrate the change of name. We used to call the present moment 2012; now we call it 2013. It's still the present moment.

We are never anywhere else other than the present moment. The past is a dream. The future is a dream. Now we see that 2012 is a dream. But we don't yet see that 2013 is also just a dream. Because it is always Now. A nameless Now. Every Now different as Life unfolds according to its own whims.

The body ages, and as long as the mind keeps track of time (very useful for celebrating birthdays, for instance), we are caught in a cycle of birth, aging, an death.

Take my hand and step outside the whole meshugas with me now, into the Now, where there is no birth; there is no death.

Happy New Now.

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