Sunday, April 19, 2015

Compost from the Curbside

I went to the landfill to pick up a truckload of compost.

Where does all that curbside compost / garbage go anyway? Into a big pile at the landfill where it cooks at a hot temperature. Then they pour it through a giant sifter, and it becomes fine and crumbly.

For $30, my truck was filled with 1100 pounds of beautiful, brown compost. Maybe that's a problem with those truck scales at the entrance to the landfill--they tell you more than you really wanted to know.

1100 pounds sounds like a daunting amount to be wheelbarrowing to the side garden.  Yet, wheelbarrow load by wheelbarrow load, my truck was finally emptied.

11 minutes of meditation can sound like a daunting amount to a person just beginning meditation. Yet, even 11 minutes yields results. Day after day of a consistent 11-minute practice adds up to steadiness and persistence. After all those repetitions, you might decide to add another minute or two.

Whether you are meditating or pushing a wheelbarrow or being mindful while pushing a wheelbarrow, you are building strength of mind.

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